Blog post #3 – CAS Goals + Plan

Academic reflection, goals concerns, stratagies.


Goal – 7. Concern – I started later than everyone else, as I switched into this class last week. Strategies – To review every day in order to catch up and take detailed notes in class.


Goal – 6. Concern – Writing style is not as developed as my speaking style. Strategies – To sit with Ms. Morgan and break down my writing and attempt to make up to the level of my speaking


Goal – 6. Concern – Finding the correct role for me to use (Director or cinematographer). Strategies – To experiment with various roles in the upcoming films to find out which one I should stick with.


Goal – 6. Concern – Nothing. Strategies – Continue achieving my level of work.


Goal – 5. Concern – I am achieving a 4-5 and I want to make sure to bump that up. Strategies – look over notes constantly.


Goal – 5. Concern – I am achieving a low level of math and it will be difficult to achieve a 5. Strategies – Study with my tutor and understand all of the material.



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