Blog post #6

I just partook in Provincial debates. They were held in Saint George’s and they consisted of some of the best debaters in the country. It was very challenging for me but I think I was able to learn some important debate lessons and tips and it was a great experience for me. I have also been working on my classes to try and leave off school on a good note before spring break. I have a few tests crammed into this week including an ESS test that I had yesterday and I found out that I received a level 7 on this test which puts me up to a 7 in the class and I will need to put in effort to maintain this grade until my predicteds. I also had a math quiz which I received a level 5 in which is a good improvement from my pasts tests. I believe that my work ethic and amount of effort put into my work is increasing and I am feeling more confident about my studies.

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