Goals 2015-2016

Academic Goal

Get into McGill University

– Maintain my grades

-Send in application early

-Push up my ESS mark by 1 point before February

-Must acheive a level 7 on every unit test

-Spend extra time studying in this class, keep strong communication with my teacher in order to make sure that I am on the right track to                         improving my mark


CAS Goal

Place in the top 10 senior debaters at provincials

-Pre write speeches early, have them checked and practice them

-Practice impromptu debates

-Will be a strong end to my debate career but challenge will be more difficult with other students



Assume a strong leadership role in the school

-Plan out the events that I run early

-Be assertive as a Senior Prefect in order to make sure my Prefects follow their roles and responsibilities

-Be a role model as the captain of the debate club and the volleyball team

– Share tips and advise with students in younger grades

– Work hard to reach my potential in order to set an example


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