Blog Post #6

Personal project has been the key to this month. The final project is due today February 25th. I have been spending a large portion of this month working on it and my final project report is 15,000 words. I loved the experience of doing this. As well as the personal project I had regional debates this month and I managed to come in 5th in the region and got accepted into provincials. The provincial debates are taking place in Victoria on March 1st. My report card and course selection were decided this month. I was pleased with my report card but not happy. I feel that I could have done a much better job if I tried harder and I will do just that this term.

Blog Post #5

The month of January was a good month for my grade 10 years for a few main reasons. The highlight of the month was my basketball season. Basketball is my favourite sport and being able to play it as often as I was able to this year was a privilege. Academically, I have been doing well and have been excited that my studies were going well. I loved being able to work on the subjects that I enjoyed. The exams were a difficult process. I have taken exams before so I was prepared for what the experience. Studying can be a struggle and the one problem that I faced was leaving it to the last week. Most of my winter break was spent attempting to study but trying to study over the break was a challenge because I had little motivation to actually do the work.

Blog Post #4

This year has been extremely busy for me. I am currently partaking in 6 major service commitments and 4 minor service commitments. As well I have 2 major creativity commitments and 1 minor. I will also be a part of 3 Mulgrave athletic teams. The personal project has also taken up a large portion of my time. These commitments have been taking away from the timeI could have to work on my academics. I had my student lead conferences last week and I am not doing as well i would like in a few subjects particularly mathematics. I decided that I need some support for math so I decided to reach out and find a peer tutor. I found a classmate who is achieving a high level in math this year and she agreed to help me out with anything I was struggling in. This will be very useful for my exams because I feel like I need to have a strong grasp on the subject in order to achieve a higher grade.

Blog Post #3

My outside academic commitments have been time consuming. Over the past year I am on the debate team, the Model United Nations club, participated in ZOOM, on the Junior boy basketball team, and am involved in various service opportunities around the school.

On the debate team I have attended one tournament in Toronto which mainly consisted of public speaking. For Model United Nations I have attended the connectMUN conference in the Hyatt and I also work with the leader of the club to recruit more people to join the club. On one weekend I worked on a ZOOM film with a few of my classmates. Our film ended up winning best technical and second best overall. In other service opportunities I have a major commitment with the digital good club and I have a minor commitment with the action for Esther night.

Grade 10 Blog Post #2

Personal Project has taken up a major portion of my life since the project has been assigned. My project is to write a science fiction novela and I am now learning the struggles it takes to make that due to the fact that there is more to it than simply sitting down and writing. I am planning on writing 17,000 words and I am currently at 8,000. I still have time left before the project is due but I need to give myself time to write the 3,000 word evaluation at the end of the project that plays a major part in my mark. I love writing but in order to finish this project I am going to need to manage my time well in order to not rush through any parts of this book and to let myself have time to get it published and write the evaluation.

Grade 10 Reflection #1

I feel as if I have just completely completed the transition phase of going into the senior school. There have been some differences from middle to senior but I feel as if I have been able to adjust to them well and now I am able to focus on not only my school work but also my  co corricular activities. On October 16th i went to Toronto for an International public speaking tournament which consisted of people from all over the world including India, Germany and Bermuda. It was an extremely interesting experience for me to interact and compete with some of the best public speakers from around the world. I have also been a major part of the Churchill leadership team throughout the year. I have been involved in helping out create different posters and improve the spirit of the house by attending all of the events and playing a leadership role in all of them.




Grade 10 goals

2013-2014 Goals
• Achieve a level 6 E in English and ACE in both terms
• Place in the top 20 regionally in the senior debates

• Get an award for basketball this year
• Participate in 2 Mulgrave sports teams (Basketball/badminton)
• Come 3rd in the class for laps in PE


  • Commit to 2 major service commitments (Churchill leadership team/after school care at Saint Pius X)


  • Debate
  • Personal Project (Writing a science fiction novela)
  • Zoom