Grade 11 Blog Post #2

As the year is progressing, the majority of my time is going towards the clubs I am involved with this year including SSAC, Global Week, MPS, HLT, MPS, Leading the MUN Club, Debate and Volleyball. All of these have been very enjoyable for me and I have learnt a lot from all of this participation. I am enjoying volleyball and I was on a volleyball trip last weekend to Kelowna and I was able to bond with my team that consisted of students from grades 9,10,11 and 12. As far as Model United Nations goes I am conducting interviews today to decide who I will place on my secretariat team. People from all over BC are applying to be working with me on this event.

Grade 11 Blog Post #1

I feel as if I have just completely completed the transition phase of going into the DP. There have been some differences from middle to senior but I feel as if I have been able to adjust to them well and now I am able to focus on not only my school work but also my  co curricular activities. I am the leader of the Model United Nations Club and I will be hosting a conference at Mulgrave on February 15th. As well I will be directing a conference at CAIMUN. I have also been a major part of the Churchill leadership team throughout the year. I have been involved in helping out create different posters and improve the spirit of the house by attending all of the events and playing a leadership role in all of them.


MUN Biography

I had to write a biography of myself to go on the CAIMUN website because I am the director of one of the committees.


Bishr is currently in his first year of IB, as a grade 11 student at Mulgrave. He has been participating in Model United Nations since the ninth grade. Currently, Bishr is the Secretary-General of Mulgrave’s Model UN club, as well as the Secretary-General of BCMUN West Vancouver. Apart from Model United Nations, Bishr is a provincial level debater, a member of his schools basketball and volleyball teams, and the Deputy-Captain for one of the four house teams at his school. He also enjoys long walks on the beach at twilight. Bishr is looking forward to spending time getting to know all of his delegates and will strive to make UNSC the best committee at CAIMUN.