#Wish_you_would_have_gone_on_the_trip_with_us_kind_of_jealously #MulgraveEcuador

Today, we went to the work site again. Many people finished digging their holes, but we still need to do a lot of work tomorrow. Although we only worked for half a day, we are still very tired. As usual, we played soccer again. The score was….wait for it… 6:7. We won. Against 8 year olds. For the afternoon, we went to visit an empowerment and alternative income girls club and female community leader who talked about the challenges of the daily life of women in Ecuador and taught us how to make bracelets and belts. It was very interesting. I gotta go. Bye

– David


Guess who’s back (back, back)? Back again (again, again)? Well guess no more for it’s me. The kid. Anyways, let’s get to the good stuff. Today we went worksite and Adam and I completed the hole we were digging first — it went up to the kid’s belly button. The kid then celebrated with Adam by eating some crackers. #Ain’t_no_party_like_a_cracker_party (*Disclaimer this all about the crackers we ate and nothing else). We then went to the coolest place in the whole world, (*Disclaimer we would like to define coolest as a place that was very interesting) where we made these bracelets and hair ties/belts. Where the kid got three, and they were some of the coolest hair ties/belts ever. Which kind of makes you jealous enough that you wish you would have gone on the trip with us. #Wish_you_would_have_gone_on_the_trip_with_us_kind_of_jealously. Things are looking grim for you. But don’t worry for I have the plan. A plan to get you to come on this very awesome trip next year. And if impossible to get you your very own personal ultra awesome superdupereber Legend… wait for it … Dairy bracelets. There will be bracelets available when The Kid gets back from the trip. SO don’t worry me friend for you still have a chance, and that there is always hope and that you should never give up because the kid always has a plan ready to help you.

Yours truly,

The Kid

*Editors note: I think he means Minga Bracelets, not dairy but one never knows with the kid **The Kid is Jarick if you didn’t know

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