The Last Day – Minga at the Service Project

March, 14th

Good evening (It’s 8 pm)

So I’m another one of “The Kids”, and first time blogging… pretty nice.

Today is another normal day, … just kidding, every day of this trip is beyond normal (in a good way).

Going to the topic… Today is our last day working at the school and it was a Minga (a special Ecuadorian community get-together to help everyone), and we started the first layer of the building, and for that to happen, we dug more than 10 around 1.5 meter deep holes (my partner and I finished our hole today, yeah!), tied wires, bent rebar, carried sand for cement mixing, and and made blocks (personally my favourite). We finished most of that by today (except for one hole). We started to put the rebar frames into the foundation holes we dug and filled them with cement (it’s so sad that we have to experience holes that we dug in two days, being filled up with cement in less than half an hour 🙂

At the end of the day we took a group photo (of everybody; the Minga, and us!)

I’m pretty sure this experience is will be a good topic to talk about when we get back, at least for me.

Tomorrow we have special day where we experience the life in the day of a family and on Monday we are off to the Amazon!!!

– Amanda

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