Hello there!

I thought I would do a quick update on the projects/assignments and co-curricular activities that I have coming up and that have just ended. The first week back of March we were required to hand in our Performing Arts Turn of the 20th century essays. The essay was meant to be 800-1000 words and we had 3 topics to choose from. Coming up on April 13 we have a huge Social Studies essay that is due. I am quite confused on what it is about but I am planning on asking for clarification asap. I believe it is about the English Civil War and an article that we read about David and Goliath. We have 2 questions that we are required to address in the 1250-1500 essay. During the week of April 20th we have our speech competition. I have written 3 monologues (which I recently found out we are not able to do), and 1 after-dinner speech. I am still not sure about what I want to do for the competition. On May 15 all of the grade 9’s have 2 english exams. We will be writing the Grade 9 provincial exam and a mock IB exam. In addition building for dt is due this Friday (April 10) and the evaluation stage is due April 17. Thankfully I have finished building but I haven’t started the evaluation stage. I did, however, record me building the model so when I have time I will edit the video and upload it on here!


I think that is all for academics…now for co-curriculars! I am currently in MSAC and last week (On Wednesday April 1) was the grade 8-9 dance. I had helped plan it and originally wasn’t going to go, but at last minute I decided to. The dance was a lot of fun and I got to talk to people who I wouldn’t normally outside of class, dance and take pictures! This week (April 10) I am going to a choir festival in Richmond. I don’t know too much about it and I don’t feel prepared as I have to miss our last practice before the festival. This weekend will be the first weekend I am not in Whistler since November! I am hoping to get a lot of homework done, but unfortunately I have to work. 🙁 . From April 24-26 I am going on my Bronze Medallion Horseback Riding Trip! I am extremely excited for the trip and, as I started early, if I get my book done I will be able to use the trip as a journey for my silver! The weekend after that (April 30-May 3) I will be going back to Whistler for the choir Whistler trip. Last year I wasn’t able to go as I had a dance competition that was in a different location but I am super excited to go this year and I have heard great things about the trip. The weekend after that (May 7-May 9) I will be going on a Summit 2 kayaking expedition. If I successfully complete my bronze book in time then I will be able to use this trip as another expedition. In the fall the grade 9’s went kayaking to I hope that I am a leader on this trip as there will be younger students who didn’t go kayaking. The next couple weeks are going to be like the beginning of the year where I wasn’t at school for half of the time :).

Anyway sorry about the long update 585 words ( if only I could write essay’s this easily) !! I will see you in my next update!!

Bye. 🙂