Tunnel book reflection

If you were to ask anybody to describe me, it would probably be hyper or bubbly. So, I decided to make my background a wonderland of bubbles. In the background, you can see me and my sister. When we were young, we would always go to a studio to model. This is a tradition to celebrate our childhood. If you look onward to the third slide, you can see my mom and dad. Beside my mom, I placed an iPhone because I have a cell phone and because my mom is obsessed with her iPhone. I have the symbol of Mulgrave because Mulgrave is my life, Mulgrave has helped me be who I am. I also have lots of candy because I love candy. Back in China, my grandma, me and my sister would always go out for candy apples. My grandma would always remind me of candy apples. My favorite is the Chinese flag because China is my home and I love China. I also love nature. I like reading and my favorite book is 11 Birthdays .I also love to explore the world around me. I love Instagram. On the first few slides, I have a painting set and a drawing because I love art. My dream is to be a designer. I put coffee and cocoa because not only do I love cocoa, I used to have a puppy called Coco. My favorite food is noodles. I would spend everyday, if I could, painting my nails. I also love reading magazines. On my first slide, I have my name on the top. Beside my name, I have a couple of dolphins, they’re my favorite animal. On the left side, I have some roses to represent my grandparents. They are married for 40 years already! I have the number eight is because eight is me and my sister’s lucky number. This is because we were born on August 8, 2001. I love playing basketball. I put basketballs to represent my mom because she was a basketball player when she was small. I put a shopping bag to represent my sister and I because we love shopping together. The car represents my dad because my dad loves cars. I have a baking ginger man because I love to bake. I have shoes because I love to get new shoes. Overall, this represents me!!

Carrie Zhou


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