2015 MY-CAS Commitments (Service): MSAC + events and We Day

My service commitments for this year include the Middle School Action Council (MSAC) and the event, We Day.

MSAC is a full-year commitment that revolves around helping the middle school host events to help the community. I participated in many little events that MSAC hosted including… Welcome back BBQ, MSAC haunted house/food drive, MSAC valentines day and MSAC school dance. We meet once per week and we plan for later events. MSAC is a great way to take responsibility and do more for the Middle School. It is a really interesting team and I wish to continue as a Gr. 9 leader next year.


We Day was an event taken place to celebrate the service done in Vancouver schools. It was a very inspirational and helpful. I have participated in We Day for two years now and each year is better than the last. I hope to attend We Day again next year.

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