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I'm Done?!
How to begin... It is extremely hard to explain my growth and development, through reflection, over the period of two years, in only one blog post; but I guess I'll have to try. In terms of creativity, I have been an active member throughout a div (More)
CAS Final Reflection 2016
At the start of grade 11, I entered the IB Diploma. I realized that my spare time was limited due to the heavy school work as well as maintaining all the activities I participated. In order to fulfill my schoolwork and my x-country, I talked to the c (More)
Final IB Exams
Finally finished my IB exams in May, which lasts for three weeks. The most painful week was the first week in May, because I need to write my Biology, Math and English papers together. However, after the first week, I only had my Chemistry, Chinese a (More)
Final Reflection of Grade 12
This year is the busiest year during high school time. As a grade 12 students I have to strive to maintain my predicted marks, and I also need to spent time on applying universities. I went to the University of Toronto session, got some basic underst (More)
April Revision
After coming back from March break, we finished the two year courses in most of the subjects, except biology. Biology HL will not be finished until the end of April, this put much more pressure on me, because there are much more lessons and notes com (More)
March Break
During March Break, I went back to China and took a rest at my grandmother's home. I made a detailed plan for revision, since the final IB exam is nearly approaching. I found there is only two months left before the exam period. I first started revie (More)
University Application
In October, I started my university applications. There are many processes for applying, so I met with my university counsellor frequently. I strived to achieve a better predicted mark that can be sent to different universities. I planned to send my (More)
2016-2017 Academic Plan
We will have three predicted marks in grade 12, which are in October, December and January. I decided to send the second predicted mark to the universities that I'm going to apply. I realized that I need to work hard this year in order to achieve the (More)
DP-CAS eFolio Final Report
Goals for DP (More)
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