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❀ MY-CAS eFOLIO PLAN ❀ Major Creativity Major Action Major Service Commitment: Farsi Class Categories: Creativity CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: New Skills Time Commitment (estimate): 1 year Goals: (More)
2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 1
So far in lessons, I have learned that taking informed risks is important. I've learned that if I'm assigned a horse I've never ridden before, I shouldn't judge its behaviour based on what I've seen and/or heard, but rather I should try out the horse (More)
2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 2
Another important lesson that I have learned from my horseback riding lessons is that it is important to forget the past and to stay in the present moment. During one of my lessons, I refused to canter because I felt that the horse I was on had too m (More)
New Service Opportunity! + MERT
This seems a bit late but I got my results back for the CityFest application. I made it onto the committee. From now I'll be attending weekly meetings, along with other personal meeting dates in order to work towards getting our sponsors, whom will b (More)
New Service Opportunity?
Recently I filled out an application in order to help take part in the planning and promotion of North Vancouver's City Fest. City Fest helps promote youth creativity and expressionism and is a small communal festival  which is help every year. I've (More)
Progress Report Reflection
Last week, we all received our progress reports. The report shows how we are doing grade-wise in each of our classes, along with our ATL skills standings. This helps us identify where we stand and what we can do to improve. Overall, I found my grade (More)
CAS Plan for 2015/2016
For my CAS plan this year I have most of my majors in service, creativity and active. Below is a list of my CAS commitments and how long they run for the duration of the year. Creativity:  Major: Piano (Duration is from September to July, all y (More)
Essential Agreements
1. Be inclusive of others. 2. Maintain adequate standards of courtesy and respect. (More)
Summer Progress on Personal Project
For Personal Project I have chosen to write a series of short stories, accompanied by a few sketches. These stories will of five different genres, with two genres being included in one story. The chosen genres are realistic fiction, military fiction, (More)
C/A/S/ Photo
This is a photo of myself and the school horse I was riding, Persia. (More)
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