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Performing Arts India Unit
In our PA classes we are a learning a Bangra dance routine. Bangra is an Indian dance form which mixes modern pop music with traditional indian songs. It consists of a combinations of the same moves which some together on a 16 beat, which is very com (More)
DPA Summery
Mulgrave Swim team (October - December 2 practices per week plus competitions per 2-3 weeks) Tennis (All year around once a week) PE (All year around, 1-2 classes per week) Walking (2-3 times per week) I can officially say that I am very (More)
Final CAS Summery
This year, I have managed to have all my CAS commitments and This post is to just summarize them. For my Creative i did Major: Piano Lessons (outside of mulgrave) Minor 1: Action for Esther (overnight event at mulgrave) Minor 2:  Painting (More)
Another Minor service
Today for our summit 2 elective we will be going down to Ambleside  beach for a garbage pickup. We have been informed that this will count as a minor service. This is good for the environment because a bunch of idiots feel the need to trash the beach (More)
2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 7
This final C.A.S. reflection will be on my minor creativity, open art room. For a couple weeks, I attended open art room on a regular basis to finish/catch up on a pottery project I had been working on for my \"Magic of Mud\" L.E.A.P. elective. Doing (More)
2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 6
This brief reflection will be on my minor action commitment, the grade 8-9 girls basketball B-team at Mulgrave. This commitment was formerly ice skating lessons, but as I chose not to do ice skating this year, it has been changed to basketball. What (More)
Progress Report #2 plus other activities
We received our 2nd progress report card on Friday. I got three 6\'s and five 5\'s, making honour roll, again. I can\'t really say i\'m proud of this achievement, because I have been striving for principal\'s list and so far have not reached i (More)
Feedback Reflections 2014-2015
1. Best moment(s) in Term 1 or proudest achievement(s). If it\'s the same as what you have posted in the Google Form that\'s fine. My proudest achievements in Term 1 have been receiving several level 7-8s in science, French, and humanities (social (More)
English Mock Exam
This morning we had to do our English Mock Exam which we were provided 2 blocks in order to finish. I\'m really tired (More)
2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 5
This post will be a reflection on my major service commitment, the Change Makers club. I do not have much to say about my experience being part of this club, however it has given me the opportunity to learn about global issues and what organizations (More)
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