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How Canadians Can Support Organizations for Racial Justice!
How can I support Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC)? Check out (More)
"I can't breathe": What can I do to take anti-racist action beyond BlackOutTuesday?
“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” - Audre Lorde Hey Mulgrave... What can you do to get engaged in the rise of global movements against racism beyond just a post for (More)
WEBINAR: Censorship and Conspiracy Theories
HEY FOODIES! We want your "Recipe to End Hunger" #StudentsRebuild #SDG2
Support the Student Rebuild "Recipe to End Hunger Challenge 2020" organized by Upper School Global Nomads In the time of COVID-19, the Upper School Global Nomads team challenges Mulgrave to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal #2: Zero Hu (More)
Mulgrave Students Support the #VancouverAquarium! #facemasks
Mulgrave Students Support the #VancouverAquarium!  Our beloved Vancouver Aquarium is at (More)
Join us on May 31 for the Never Dance Alone-A-Thon @KIdsHelpPhone
Kids Help Phone was built for moments like these. You are too. Dance like nobody is watching and uplift our youth. Register. Fundraise. Dance. Donate. On Sunday, May 31, join us in the Never Dance Alone- (More)
Join the SSAC Mulgrave Community Outreach Project! #supportfrontlineworkers #smilesforseniors
One of the challenges facing retirement homes at this time of the COVID pandemic and physical distancing is that visitors are not allowed to see extended family members or see their loved ones in order to limit the spread of the virus to vulnerab (More)
Community Support During COVID-19 Resource Page Launched
Looking for ways to get more engaged? Check out the Community Support During COVID-19 page on the @MulgraveSchool site for resources and ideas from student leaders.  There's something for everyone here so chec (More)
INSIGHT Global Perspectives on the WHO
Are you interested in exploring the global issues emerging around COVID-19? Check out INSIGHT Global Education's Global Perspectives series to get into the different commentaries on global (More)
ONLINE WEBINAR EVENT FOR YOUTH: Privilege and Inequalities Amidst COVID-19
Why are African-Americans and other minority groups suffering disproportionately? This talk examines inequalities highlighted in COVID-19 More)
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