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Walk with Us: Join the #WalkforReconciliation Sun Sept 24 2017
Join the 2017 Walk for Reconciliation in Vancouver! The Walk for Reconciliation is a positive movement to build better r (More)
SpeakUp Middle School! Join the G7-9 #studentvoice team
  Join SpeakUp, the Middle School StudentVoice team More)
WANTED: Lions Gate Hospital Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Members
The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee are currently seeking 10-15 outgoing North Shore students between (More)
  Are you looking for service and lead (More)
US Fall Co-Curricular Guide 2017 @MulgraveSchool is Out!
Join Club 360 now and turn around the life of a #refugee family
G10-12 YMCA Youth Empowerment Program by JUMP! Foundation
Are you between 15-18 years old? Looking to meet other youth your age and share ideas on topics like mental health, nutrition, (More)
Enough is enough #DOSOMETHING #MentalHealthMatters
Fight for better. Develop your own campaign! Suicide is the #1 health-related cause of death for young people in Canada. That's unacceptable. I (More)
Join G7-9 Changemakers! #socialgood #socialimpact
If you’ve ever been caught in a daydream about changing the world then this club is for you! From SPCA rescue missions to teaming up with local (More)
Join SOCS: Sharing Our Cultures #diversity #interculturalunderstanding
G7-9 SOCS: Sharing Our Cultures Think of our club as a face-to-face blog, but with food. SOCS is a great place to talk, listen, taste, and enjoy (More)
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