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2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 2
Another important lesson that I have learned from my horseback riding lessons is that it is important to forget the past and to stay in the present moment. During one of my lessons, I refused to canter because I felt that the horse I was on had too m (More)
2015 Spring Break - Costa Rica Service Trip
This spring break, I went to Costa Rica with other 31 Mulgrave students (Grade 9 and 10), and 4 Mulgrave teachers. This service trip is organized by the same organization which organized the Ecuador Service Trip I went last spring break. For this ser (More)
Final MY-CAS Final Refleciton
Final Reflection is recorded with my homeroom advisors and other three Grade 10s. (More)
Pegah's C.A.S. Log and Reflections (Minor)
About this Post Minor Creativity For the sake of simplicity and ease, I have decided to create two HTML code layouts to use for all of my C.A.S. reflections. This is the second of the two: on it are the reflections for all of my minor C (More)
MY CAS eFolio Plan - 2016 Grade 10
Click the Link: (More)
MY-CAS Year End Reflection 2016
  6 Reflection Prompts Notes OUTCOMES: Which of the 7 CAS Learning Outcomes did you find the most relevant to you/your learning exper (More)
MY-CAS Year End Report 2016
MY-CAS eFolio Final Report MY-CAS Activity major minor Category: C or A or S 1. Global-Local 2. School Supervisor Name(s) Gr. 8-9 Band major C School Mr. Van De Reep Gr. 8-9 Concert Choir minor C School Ms. By (More)
CAS Plan
*I should've done this in October but whatever here it is, I am writing it as if it was October FYI* Being the start of CAS for me. (CAS is a programme where you must do a major and minor in creativity, action, and service) I have to plan out my y (More)
My super late but somewhat amusing CAS Plan wrap up thing
You probably already noticed CAS is a big thing. Now I have to do a CAS wrap-up so whatever here it is. I didn't talk about all of them in detail 🙁  but do I really need to? *for some reason the border between major and minor is really a grey area s (More)
CAS Plan
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