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CAS Service
For my CAS service I have been helping my french tutor teach a class on thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30. The kids who I assist are in grade 3-5. I love teaching kids and I find the expirance very enjoyable. (More)
CAS Capstone Reflection Two
The past few weeks I have spent working on my Extended Essay, which was based on a study I conducted in Ladakh. Revisiting the experiences I had on the trip, I have had plenty of time to reflect on the Capstone components relevant to it. As was discu (More)
CAS Capstone Reflection One
During our trip to Ladakh I completed both the action and service components of my Capstone project. Recalling my original Capstone proposal, these components correspond to the screening clinic and hiking portions of the Ladakh trip.   (More)
West Vancouver YAC final reflection
For the past two years, I have been the co-chair of the West Vancouver Youth Advisory Council (YAC), an organization that helps raise awareness about local politics among the local youth. As one of the team leaders, I realized that we needed to gain (More)
I'm Done?!
How to begin... It is extremely hard to explain my growth and development, through reflection, over the period of two years, in only one blog post; but I guess I'll have to try. In terms of creativity, I have been an active member throughout a div (More)
Christmas Tree Sale
During the Christmas Tree Sale before Christmas in Mulgrave school, I have participated with several of my classmates which the event was so successful that all trees were sold out in less than three hours, This event surprised me about the connectio (More)
Mandarin Tutor
As a mandarin tutor for elementary students at West Vancouver Library I have used my experiences from being the Book-buddy, which allowed me to have a closer relationship with the students. I found that children learns new vocabularies easily form re (More)
Envision Vancouver
The Jam Fundraiser Project of Envision Vancouver is held by our team of high-school students including Jerry, David and I. This project is attempting to sell home made jams in order to raise the fund for further activities on helping the homeless peo (More)
West Vancouver YAC pictures
Food safety conference reflection
In order to prepare for a future community service project called "Envision Vancouver," I attended the food safety conference in the Vancouver Science World. Overall the conference delivers some interesting idea about food safety. The staff invited a (More)
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