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pre Peter Pan
Peter Pan has been a crazy ride since October! I have spent many many hours working behind the scenes on Peter Pan. It all started during the summer when I suggested to Ms. Race we do Peter Pan and she loved it. I then watched ever version I could fi (More)
This year I have been learning guitar every Thursday, for 30 minutes. I have learnt about 17 songs. It is a lot of fun to do and I have been learning a lot. My favorite song I have learnt has got to be Dirty Paws by of monster and men, it's so catchy (More)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This year I join the play again. Last year we did 'Rouge of the Railway' which was an old western play that was comedic. This year Ms. Race chose a more modern play that is action pact and funny. She chose Buffy the Vampire Slayer which was a TV show (More)
Kindie-Gr. 12 Connection
As part of my role as the prefect liaison for ELC-Kindergarten, one of my duties has been organizing meetings between the Grade 12\'s and our Kindie cohorts. It\'s odd as I remember being in Kindergarten myself and having a grade 12 buddy.  The teach (More)
Welcome back BBQ
At the start of the 2014-15 school year, the grade 12s got together to plan and run the welcome back bbq. It was a great event for us to all initially bond together as a graduating class. Although it was a lot of work organizing the stations and co-c (More)
MPS - Global Week
As a member of Mulgrave Public Square (Student Voice) I assisted the global week team in planning out this years\' event. I think while the idea of perception, and truly coming to an understanding of what \'student voice\' is and more importantly wha (More)
Model UN
I have spent the majority of my senior year thus far working on planning out a Model UN conference. In my role, I am in charge of hiring staff, working on topic selection, reviewing backgrounder guides, scheduling staff training, and overseeing the s (More)
Final Reflection
The culmination of the CAS program has ultimately allowed me to better understand my interests and passions. For example, I was unable to take an arts course in the DP program as I wanted to take chemistry and biology. At the same time though, I have (More)
DP Final CAS Portfolio Presentation- Learning Outcomes
Link to the Presentation: DP CAS Final Reflection: Matthew Zwimpfer       &n (More)
Supervisor Reports
Attached are my supervisor reports for my commitments. Service: Action4ESTHER More)
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