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Canadian Highschool Model United Nations- NATO Italy 2013
*This post has just been uploaded as it was just recovered since it was written last April* A little while ago, I participated in my first Model United Nations Conference at CAHSMUN in Vancouver. This not only included students from local students (More)
2nd Annual Project Backpack- Taking a Mentorship Role
Last year, I was proud to introduce the Project Backpack initiative to Mulgrave School with Anisha Navaratnam (G12) and Jeryco (G11). This year, I am happy to see that the project is returning and that I am in a mentoring position for Jeryco who will (More)
Grad Week
Knowing there are only 7 more days of high school is a very strange feeling. I remember when I started the countdown back in grade 10, the days seemed to be endless. Back then I wanted so bad to skip through to the end but now they seem to be moving (More)
This Time Last Year
This time last year I was applying to be House Captain of Luther King. I can still remember how nervous I was going into the interview. Wanting so badly to do anything and everything to change the reputation Luther King had. Being apart of the Hou (More)
2013/2014 Plan
Goals: Citizenships: I wish to take more leadership opportunities so to widen and strengthen my organizational and leadership skills and have the opportunity to leave a difference in the Mulgrave and wider community in my last year of school. A (More)
Spirit Week 2014
This year for spirit week, the charity that SAC had chosen was BC Childrens Hospital through an event called Balding for Dollars. Even though I wasn\'t involved initially, it was great working with SAC and the senior school in general in planning the (More)
CAS updates
Last week, I finished the winter session of the junior squash program at my squash club. This session was my first in the advanced group - I learned many new drills and different shots that are useful to use in game situations. We also worked on fitn (More)
Open House
I took part in the annual open house Mulgrave Hosts. As this is one of my last years and I\'ve had a lot of experience at Mulgrave I was able to tour families interested in senior school as well as some in junior. I enjoyed this minor commitment as i (More)
Action For Esther
Action for Esther came early this year! It happened the night of November 25th. We were a little under the gun to get organized for it because of the time constraint and because of the rigours of IB that we undergo early in the school year. This year (More)
Goals September 2013
Looking ahead to grade 12, I am hoping to improve a couple things. First of all, I want to improve my time management and organization of tasks. More than ever, planning and working ahead is going to important this year. With university applications, (More)
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