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Final CAS Reflection
DP-CAS eFOLIO YEAR-END REFLECTIONS Student Name: Lauren Forster  Grade/ Advisor Group: Diana Ferreira DP G12 YEAR-END CAS eFOLIO REFLECTION 6 Reflection Prompts Notes OUTCOMES: Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most (More)
Summit 2 Winter Expedition
I am enrolled in the Summit 2 elective, which ventures into the wilderness on three expeditions throughout the year. Just before spring break, we embarked on our second expedition: snowcaving. Annoyingly warm winter temperatures led to Mrs Mctavis (More)
Ivy Pull Reflection
Last October, Summit 2 did two weeks of trail cleanup and invasive plant pulling at the Dale park in West Vancouver with the Friends of Lighthouse Park Society. The society also hosts events every Saturday where volunteers can come and help them remo (More)
Performing Arts Reflection
Intro: Hello. For my PA Summative, I decided to perform the song “Here Comes the Sun” with Ali Mecklai. I sang and played the piano and Ali played the guitar. We decided that we would do this because the guitar and the piano are the only instrumen (More)
Final CAS Reflection
Final CAS reflection in vlog form! (More)
DP-CAS eFolio Final Report
Grad Christmas Tree Sale Event
This past weekend we successfully hosted the annual 2015 Grad Christmas Tree Sale. The event itself was a collaboration between Thomas. Terry and I, other faculty of Mulgrave and the parent network and Mulgrave. The event itself went very well with a (More)
Clothing Drive for Mission Possible
In correlation with the Grad Christmas Tree Sale I have organized a clothing drive for the East Van center Mission Possible. The clothing has and will continue be gathered from a variety of sources ranging from local members of my community and membe (More)
Leading MERT Workshop + Reflections
Final DOE Update!
Today it\'s official: I\'ve handed in my Duke of Edinburgh Gold level adventurous journey report, record book, and form. With that, I\'ve finished my last level of Duke of Ed and the program as a whole! While most of my teammates handed in their repo (More)
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