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MPS 2015
Mulgrave Public Square (MPS) is a club at our school that helps promote student voice and propose solutions to the issues raised. The past few years have been very successful for MPS. We have helped in changing the cafeteria food, creating new quiet (More)
Basketball and Sports at University
CAS Plan Grade 12
My CAS Plan for Grade 12 includes: CREATIVITY: Junior School Arts Club Leader ATHLETICS: Mulgrave Sr. Girls Volleyball Mulgrave Sr. Girls Basketball SERVICE: MPS Global Week (More)
Final Reflection
Throughout grade 11 and 12 I played 3 sports, had 2 arts commitments and 2 service commitments, as well as participating in 3 Duke of Edinburgh levels. I learned many things within my commitments, specifically in the 8 eFolio learning outcomes: 8 (More)
Update: Soccer
I managed to get back to my soccer team for the remaining few weeks  of the season. Being able to spend some time with good athletes in my down time in my final year playing on a team is a great way for me to spend my last section of my senior year i (More)
Provincials - Senior Girls Basketball Team
This year at BC Girls Single A Provincials we went in ranked 1st and came out with silver medals. We won each of our games until the final which we lost, 78-63 to Langley Christian Lightning. It was a great week at Provincials, where our team placed (More)
Choir Update
At this point in the year the grads are more focused on their university acceptances than any classwork they might have. Although many of us, (myself included) have a handle on both of these things, some people struggle with the balance and have had (More)
Sr. Girls Basketball Team Update
This year on the Mulgrave Sr. Girls Basketball team, we have had a very successful season so far. We came 1st in the St. Johns \'Her Hoops\' tournament, 1st at ISAAs, 1st at Cross-Zones, 1st at Lower Mainland Zones, and are currently ranked 1st of al (More)
CAS Plan Grades 11 and 12
For the next two years, I plan on fulfilling the following CAS commitments: Creativity: Arts Council Committee Member (Grade 11) Junior School Arts Club Student Leader (Grades 11-12) Athletics: North Shore Girls Soccer Club (Grade 11) (More)
Arts Council & Junior School Arts Club
The Junior School students (grades K-2) in the Paper Arts Club have recently finished their first art piece. They have created a picture of a tree of the four seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer. Next we will post each of the four pieces on a so (More)
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