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Grade 9- Final Reflection
This was a jam packed year, and I am sad to leave the middle school yet excited to move on to the senior school. I am proud of my academic achievements, such as achieving all 7s and 8s so far in science, as it is a subject I care greatly about and my (More)
CAS Creativity Major- Band/Choir Whistler Trip
Our Whistler Cantando Music trip is always something that I look forward to every year. I am very proud of our concert choir that achieved gold and our band that achieved silver. This has been my third year participating and I feel that this is the b (More)
CAS Action Major- DOE
About a month ago, I went on my bronze DOE sailing trip and sailed to Vancouver Island, which was a great experience to advance my sailing skills that I worked on in the summer when I completed my CanSail 4. I really enjoyed being able to bond with f (More)
CAS Action Major- Sailing & Summer Update
Back to school is a bittersweet experience. Though I will miss summer, I'm both excited and anxious about my final year of middle school! Some of my main highlights of summer 2K15 were majestically riding through the meadows of Ashcroft on a horse na (More)
CAS- Plan
Just realized I never actually uploaded my CAS plan from earlier on in the year! Either way, much of the things that are listed there are things that I have already posted on, or have talked about from past years. Nevertheless, here is an organized d (More)
CAS Service Minor- WeDay
Last week, I experience my first concert aver at WeDay! It was an incredible experience and I feel really inspired after watching speeches, presentations, and performances by Francesco Yates, Kenyan Boys Choir, Chris Hadfield, Kardinal Officall, Spen (More)
CAS Action Major- Bronze Cross
Over the Summer last year, I completed my Bronze Cross Lifeguarding course and have finally just received the medal in the mail. This time around it was one of my best experiences yet as there was a smaller group which really enabled me to get to kno (More)
CAS Minor Creativity- Day in the Life Photo Contest
I have just submitted my 5 photos for this year\'s Day in the Life contest. I focused on photography techniques I\'ve learned such as the rule of 3rds, framing, depth, and perspective (bird\'s-eye, bug\'s-eye). Here are my submissions: More)
Grade 8- End of Year Reflection
All of my dreams and wishes for this year were fulfilled and exceeded. Starting with grade 8 camp at Garibaldi. It was so fun, and as someone who watches food network often, one of the best parts was cooking our own meals in addition to the gorgeous (More)
2015 MY-CAS Commitments (Service): MSAC + events and We Day
My service commitments for this year include the Middle School Action Council (MSAC) and the event, We Day. MSAC is a full-year commitment that revolves around helping the middle school host events to help the community. I participated in many littl (More)
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