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First week of Kindergarten for KV!
The first week of Kindergarten was a great success! The curious and brave new ladybugs walked in and made themselves at home. We learned about our classroom routines, which included what to do when we come into the classroom, calendar, the play cente (More)
Jazz Band (Whistler Music Festival/Skills Development)
This weekend I went to the Whistler Music Festival with the Senior School Jazz Band and Jazz Choir. I participated in this festival with the Senior School Jazz Band. As the only flutist in the band, I was challenged to develop and improve my skills q (More)
2015 Father's Day Present
This is the present that I sketched for my dad for Father's Day. It is a Phoenix, I chose to draw that becasue I felt like it so ya.  Thank (More)
Mixed Media canvas
I think overall, I did a pretty good job on this canvas. I used what I have been planding and I think it turned out great. It didn't cover (More)
Mixed Media Art
After the course of 4 weeks I have finally finished my mixed media assignment! (More)
Peter Pan Tech/Service/Creativity/
On the 13th of February the Linda Hammer Theatre put on its final peter pan production of the year. This was a massive milestone for the actors. But for the tech crew, work was just beginning. The actors in the play Peter Pan had been working on this (More)
CAS Final Reflection
This year I was chosen with a couple of my other friends to participate in the Grade 8 American Math Contest. Personally, I was very excited to write the contest, but when I flipped through the test I was a bit nervous. When I finished the contest I (More)
Don't Laugh It's A Tragedy
Recently I finished our crazy exiting drama performance "Don't Laugh Its A Tragedy" During this performance I learned a lot about Greece and the ancient gods. We had lots of practises that were really needed and at the end it all worked out rea (More)
Upper School Play / Peter Pan
This is a bit late but this post is about my relevance and work in the production of Peter Pan. I had a small role in the play but I found it still very exciting and intense as I worked with the microphones and setting them up on the actors. This was (More)
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