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Film Independent Study
In film, one of the biggest projects that I had to undertake this year was the independent study. As part of this assignment I had to write the audio and visual aspects for a documentary that compared 4 films all from different countries. This projec (More)
Overload Dissonance
  This is my favorite sketch and the sketch which I put the most creativity on. This sketch took me the second longest to draw simply because it has much m (More)
  This is my third still-life painting. I realized as I was painting this that the many hours of sketching contributed to the quality of painting as well. (More)
Self Portrait
  This is my self portrait. I am satisfied with its quality at this point and many people praised me for it. This drawing depicts my personal growth and my (More)
Plastic Box Series
Knitting for Charity + Creative Charity Club Poster
Open Mic (2015 Redo Version)
Sketch Number 06
  In this sketch I began to draw an actual face (a face without skin) rather than a simplified one. I learned to draw free flowing water in this which was (More)
This drawing is one of my favorites. It’s simple in design and was fun to draw, but tells a great and meaningful story about this world. Here’s the artist statement (More)
CAS Reflection
Throughout these two years, my CAS focus was mainly leaning towards the creative side, as my goals and personal dream was to become a great artist. To some (More)
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