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Sketch Number 05
  Ah. The sketch that taught me to draw a human face. This sketch is of a sculpture of a simplified version of Beethoven\'s face. What is interesting about (More)
Sketch Number 02
This is the second sketch I have ever done, aside from the doodles I do, but those can hardly be called \"sketches\" considering their lack of forma (More)
Rocky Mountain Music Festival 2015
This year as part of the Senior School Choirs I had the pleasure of attending the Rocky Mountain Music Festival in Banff, Alberta. It was my first time in Alberta and I have to say the drive up was absolutely beautiful. When we first got there we had (More)
Semi Formal & Grad Committee
This grad year for a creative commitment I am a part of grad commitee and have taken a lead role on the semi formal dance. I will be working with Micaela to completely plan the event including venue, decorations, activities and all the other littl (More)
Term 1 Reflection
This term has been perhaps one of the busiest terms of my high school years. I have written numerous IAs and university essays, submitted all my university applications, finished all ACTs and SATs, finished my Extended Essay, and I am very close to p (More)
Christmas Presents
School always ends just a few days before Christmas, and with it being one of the busiest times of the year it\'s difficult to go out and shop (and handmade presents are better anyways) which is why I made all my gifts to people this year. Even while (More)
The EE is finally done and handed in!! After 6 months of hard work and dedication, I  have written a university level paper on a topic that has not been research on before. Throughout this process, I learned many skills and gained so much knowledge. (More)
IB style CAS Plan 2014-2015
# Major CAS Commitments long-term commitments that support the 8 Learning Outcomes (noted below) CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered Categories (circle 2Cs /2As/2Ss) Time Commitment(estimate) Service Commitment Type (Service ONLY): 1 Loca (More)
CAS Plan Goals 2014-2015
Commitment G11-12 My Plans Creativity 2 major creativity commitments - Piano (two year long commitment, outside of school) - Mulgrave Choir (two year long commitment) Action 2 major action commitments - Joining th (More)
End of year Reflection
This year was an amazing year as I was able to achieve many goals and learn many new experiences. Looking back at the goals I made in September, I have achieved almost every single one. This year, I was able to achieve Principal`s list as well as 2 H (More)
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