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Sign Up for G7-9 IgNight: Syrian Refugee Simulation
Hey G7-9s! Don't miss out on this engaging annual student-led, game-based global education overnight event at Mulgrave: Friday, November 24-25, starting at 1.30pm and ending the at day at 8.30am. Read more below! The IgNight Syrian Refugee Sim (More)
@AuntLeahs Place #Volunteers Wanted
Aunt Leah’s Place helps prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless and mothers in need from losing custody of their children. To support them on their journey to self-sufficiency, we provide suppor (More)
ZOOMFest Sign Up Now!
The ZOOM 48-Hour Film Festival is back for its 18th year at Mulgrave! Make sure to register by the deadline of Wednesday, October 16th!  Recognised as one of the most popular student film competitions in the province, ZOOMconsistently garners over (More)
Kenyan Boys Choir Returns to Mulgrave @BoysChoirKenya @WEMovement
The More)
G9-12 #Streamkeeper #Volunteers for Salmon Spawner Surveys Wanted! #Eco
Join the Mulgrave West Vancouver Streamkeepers team who will starting Monday, October 16 and do spawner surveys once a week for 7 weeks. Surveys take about one hour. Students can do their surveys as a team, and with their Streamkeeper Sponsor, on (More)
#Volunteer with Capilano Community Services - Youth Outreach
Capilano Community Services - Youth Services provides services to youth age 10 to 24, with particular focus on the potentially at risk youth population. Our Youth Outreach Workers meet with youth in (More)
#VOLUNTEERS WANTED: Vancouver Christmas Market
We are currently looking for Marketing as well as Guest Services Volunteers. This will include working with kids to do crafts, be (More)
NEW STARTUP FORUM APPLICATIONS OPEN NEXT WEEK Can’t find a club you are interested in? Got a great idea for an Upper School Mulgrave (More)
#StartUp Your Big Ideas Now #SocEnt #creativity #innovation #kickstarter
Apply to StartUp! App (More)
#SocialImpact Lab Club @MulgraveSchool
Get Creative & Change Your World Do you have a great idea you want to launch but need support? Are you working on a (More)
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