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Yule Duel
On Thursday, December 1st, our concert choir attended and performed on the streets of Gastown at the annual event of Yule Duel. Yule Duel invites choirs from different schools to perform carols or christm (More)
Grade 9- Final Reflection
This was a jam packed year, and I am sad to leave the middle school yet excited to move on to the senior school. I am proud of my academic achievements, such as achieving all 7s and 8s so far in science, as it is a subject I care greatly about and my (More)
CAS Creativity Major- Band/Choir Whistler Trip
Our Whistler Cantando Music trip is always something that I look forward to every year. I am very proud of our concert choir that achieved gold and our band that achieved silver. This has been my third year participating and I feel that this is the b (More)
Slayer - School Play!
Producing, assistant directing, and stage managing my school's theatrical production “Slayer” further developed and instilled new skills in my leadership abilities. My stage managing role entailed organizing auditions and rehearsal schedules, keeping (More)
CAS Creativity Minor- Photography
Since I am in the photography elective, and often consider photography a hobby, I thought I might as well share some of my photos as we near the end of term 1. Hope you enjoy 🙂 More)
CAS Creativity Major- Winter Concert
We recently had our Winter Concert just before the Winter break, and many of the performances were quite impressive. This year, I participated in Concert Band and Concert Choir (cutting out jazz band from the past two years as I decided that I needed (More)
This year I am apart of the Grade 8/9 choir. We most recently performed at our Christmas concert last December. We preformed Let it Snow, a winter classic, and Tundra, a song to explain the vastness and beauty of a snowy tundra. We started off wit (More)
Zoom Fest
This year I decided to participate in the Zoom Film Festival. In my group was Ingrid, Sophia, Andrew H, Anna, and Chloe who once went to Mulgrave. Luck of the draw and a paintbrush were the theme and prop. We started by brain storming on the first (More)
My CAS-Plan 2015-2016
This year I plan on filling out my CAS with many commitments. For my Creative commitments I am doing: Major Choir Jazz Choir Band The school play (Peter Pan) Minor Zoom   Service Major MSAC MPS Middle Scho (More)
Grade 8- End of Year Reflection
All of my dreams and wishes for this year were fulfilled and exceeded. Starting with grade 8 camp at Garibaldi. It was so fun, and as someone who watches food network often, one of the best parts was cooking our own meals in addition to the gorgeous (More)
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