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Summit 2 Winter Camp Reflection
On March 5-6, the Summit 2 crew took a long bus ride to the Cayoosh area off Duffy Lake Road to camp in the snow. Surprised to see snow after a lousy winter, we quickly set up tents once we arrived at our campsite. We then dug out a snow kitchen for (More)
Update ~ projects/assignments & co-curriculars
Hello there! I thought I would do a quick update on the projects/assignments and co-curricular activities that I have coming up and that have just ended. The first week back of March we were required to hand in our Performing Arts Turn of the 20th (More)
C.A.S. List:
Creativity: Middle School Concert Choir Middle School Concert Band More)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
Back in the early October of 2014 I tried out for the school play \"Buffy the Vampire Slayer\" 1 week before spring break started we performed about it. The feeling of finally getting to perform the act on stage was incredible. I have learned so much (More)
OE Winter
This week Grade 7 went Snowshoeing. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed exploring the backcountry of Cypress Mountain. While we were snowshoeing we would stop every so often and play games such as camouflage and chain tag. Overall I enjoyed the trip a lot (More)
Personal elective
So now I am taking 3 personal electives a week. So far they have been REALLY helpful. I get all of my work done without stressing because I don\'t have time. My riding has also progressed a lot during this time. I really love this opportunity and wou (More)
Dale Park Volunteer work reflection
Today was the last day in our trail conservation unit in Summit 2. For the past two classes, we visited Dale Park and helped the Lighthouse Park Conservation Society clean up trails and clear dale park from invasive species. First Class - October (More)
Creation Story- Philosophy
Everything starts with a five-W, language, technologies, us, everything. Who gave the five-W a answer? Something did, no one knows what is it, even itself, never realized (More)
Post about elective
I\'m in the Creative Writing, Mathematical Thinking and Launch your Learning for leap elective. I really enjoy doing these course for my elective. Creative Writing:  I\'ve learned various writing skills, components of short story, and word game (More)
I chose Creative Writing, Philosophy, and debate for my electives. In Creative Writing, we always write short stories and this week, we wrote a poem or essay for remembrance day and submitted it. In philosophy, we learned about what difficult choses (More)
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