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Lens #7: Identifying Poetic Features and Devices
Complete the following tasks in your groups. This lens will introduce you to key literary concepts,  how you can talk about them in a poem and how (More)
Lens #6: Responding to Poetry
  In this lens you will select a poem in your group and present the poem using an analytical framework introduced in class. (More)
Lens #5: Reciting Poetry: Poetry in Voice
One of your tasks for this unit will be to present a recitation of a poem selected from More)
Multiple Lenses: A Poetic Exploration GUIDELINES
  This unit serves as an introduction to poetry for English 8, providing you with the foundations to appreciate and talk about poetry, informally and formally. We will explore the creative impulse of poets, try to define poetry, play (More)
Lens #9: Sharing Poetry: Poetry Cafe
Lens #8: Analyzing Poetry
Lens #11: Favourite Devices (Writer's Choices)
Lens #2: Defining Poetry
  Poetry is the opening and closing of a door leaving those who look through tro guess about what is seen during a moment – – Carl Sandburg A poem… begins as a lump in the throat,  a sense of wrong, a home sickness, a love sickness (More)
Lens #3 Reading Poetry
We will read the above pome first and discuss it as a class. Then, on your own, read the following four poems about poetry. Read them again. Then consider the questions at the end of the poem and go back over and read the poems again. Get (More)
Lens #10: Favourite Words or Images
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