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Lens #11: Seminar Group Discussion Questions
Lens #10: Writer's Choices
Identify several impactful literary and graphic novel devices or tools used by Satrapi . LITERARY DEVICES Check out a review of elements and devices here. Look (More)
Lens #13: Creative Response Assessment: Graphic Memoir Vignette
GRAPHIC MEMOIR VIGNETTE Create a short graphic memoir of a "memoir moment" from your life. This might be 1-2 pages of panels. Please see this resource on the nuts and bolts on graphic novels More)
Lens #12: Commentary Page Analysis
Lens #9: Quotes
"Freedom always comes at a price." - Persepolis Find a quote or two that stood out to you. Record the significance of the quote(s) or i (More)
Lens #8: Comics as Visual Text
sequential art...   WHAT IS A GRAPHIC NOVEL? TEDxDartmouth 2011- Michael Chaney: How to Read a Graphic Novel - March 6, 2011 TEDx Review of Graphic Novels (quirky, professorial at times but a good introduction to the medium of (More)
Lens #5: Themes
EXPLORING THEMES IN PERSEPOLIS: EXILE The idea of "exile" is an "archetypal" or universal theme across time and cultures. Exile, as the Arabic word implies, refers to a punishment by banishment, (More)
Lens #6: Girl Bildungsroman
A coming of age story, also called a Bildungsroman, is all about the protagonist's journey from being a child to being an adult. It is a journey that take (More)
Lens #1: Memoir "You can't make this stuff up"
Perspelois is seen as a memoir.... but what is a memoir? Read "What is a Memoir?" Book (More)
Multiple Lenses Guidelines
  -Octavio Paz WHAT 'BINDS' US? This unit will explore independently the process of creation and to what degree it has its r (More)
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