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Lens #7: Defining Literary Devices and Terms
Complete the following tasks in your groups. This lens will introduce you to key literary concepts,  how you can talk about them in a poem and how (More)
Lens #13: Creative Response Assessment: Graphic Memoir Vignette
GRAPHIC MEMOIR VIGNETTE EN10 Creative Response Assessment | DUE OCT 5 2020 on SEQTA Create a short graphic memoir of a "memoir moment" fr (More)
Lens #5: Themes
EXPLORING THEMES IN PERSEPOLIS: EXILE The idea of "exile" is an "archetypal" or universal theme across time and cultures. Exile, as the Arabic word implies, refers to a punishment by banishment, (More)
Lens #14: Persepolis Chapter Review Questions
These questions may be used by your teacher to guide you through parts or all of the Persepolis text. Persepolis Chapter Review Questions EN10 (More)
Lens #8: Comics as Visual Text
sequential art...   WHAT IS A GRAPHIC NOVEL? TEDxDartmouth 2011- Michael Chaney: How to Read a Graphic Novel - March 6, 2011 TEDx Review of Graphic Novels (quirky, professorial at times but a good introduction to the medium of (More)
Lens #4: Author
Check out a few author interviews of Satrapi below. In what ways has the writer's background, culture or beliefs shaped the text? Satrap tells us about herself here (More)
Lens #3: Historical Context
The Persepolis text is rooted in a larger global and cultural context. Explore the background and context relevant to your text. Go beyond and read resources online or ask others who may know the history around the revolution. The Iranian Revo (More)
Lens #10: Writer's Choices
Identify several impactful literary and graphic novel devices or tools used by Satrapi . LITERARY DEVICES Check out a review of elements and devices here. Look (More)
Lens #11: Seminar Group Discussion Questions
Lens #1: Memoir "You can't make this stuff up"
Perspelois is seen as a memoir.... but what is a memoir? Read "What is a Memoir?" Book (More)
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