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Lens #9: Visual Text
TEDxDartmouth 2011- Michael Chaney: How to Read a Graphic Novel - March 6, 2011 TEDx Review of Graphic Novels (quirky, professorial at times but a good introduction to the medium of graphic novels: image and words that combine to make meaning) (More)
Lens #6: Girl Bildungsroman
A coming of age story, also called a Bildungsroman, is all about the protagonist's journey from being a child to being an adult. It is a journey that take (More)
Lens #10: Quotes
"Freedom always comes at a price." - Persepolis Find a quote or two that stood out to you. Record the significance of the quote(s) or i (More)
Lens #8: Courage
Lens #7: ISMs
Lens #13: Commentary Page Analysis
Lens #4: Author
Check out a few author interviews of Satrapi below. In what ways has the writer's background, culture or beliefs shaped the text? Record your response(s) on your ML Exploration Journal shared on Google Classroom. Add a critical insight on the auth (More)
Lens #3: Historical Context
The Persepolis text is rooted in a larger global and cultural context. Explore the background and context relevant to your text. Go beyond and read resources online or ask others who may know the history around the revolution. The Iranian Revo (More)
Lens #2 Format
*Respond to this lens after/if you watch the film in our class If you watched the film adaptation of Satrapi's Persepolis. Consider the storytelling for (More)
Lens #1: Memoir "You can't make this stuff up"
Now that you have read Persepolis (Books 1-2),  you will begin to your personal explo (More)
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