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In my Explain Everything project about genes & chromosomes, I incorporated 3 of the concepts we use in school: form, function, and responsibility. I used responsibility when I spoke about how we should try to understand genes better, so that we c (More)
Stepping into Senior School?
Now, leaving Middle School and stepping into Middle School sounds like a daunting task. Not only do we leave the comforts of effort graded electives, we will meet new teachers, who we will be looking to for guidance until graduation. To reflect on th (More)
This far into the school year...
So far, schooling at Mulgrave 2015-16 has been an unique experience. As I progressed through Middle School, I've noticed each grade, the difficulty in everything increases, and it will be time to learn new skills that will be helpful later on in life (More)
Essential Agreements
1. Be inclusive of others. 2. Maintain adequate standards of courtesy and respect. (More)
Parent Teacher Conferences + Plans For Future
So recently, I\'ve had a parent teacher conference. Most of the teachers had good things to say and had some things they were concerned with. One of the most common things the teacher brought up was that I needed to focus and study for tests more. To (More)
What I do on the Weekends
What I usually do on the weekends is go snowboarding with one of my friends. When we go snowboarding, we usually go for the whole day. Usually, it\'s from 11 AM or 12 AM to 8 PM or 9 PM. When we go snowboarding, we stay around the Freestyle Park and (More)
Transdisciplanary Skills
The transdisciplinary skill that I am good at is researching. Usually when we have a project or presentation due needing research I feel like I'm going to get a low mark, but then I see that I did my research very well. Sometimes when I'm researching (More)
This term, I learned many things about the human body, microorganisms, and the classification system. At the beginning of the unit, someone brought something up about genus & species being in the classification system, so I thought I'd research t (More)
Two of the PYP attitudes that I demonstrate well are curiosity & independence. I showed curiosity when I decided to research certain animals when I heard about genus and species being part of the classification system (such as dogs & horses). (More)
At the beginning of the year, I took action by trying to help the new students make some new friends. From our second unit of inquiry, I've become more aware of how struggles and conflicts can be shown through works of art. That inspired me to make a (More)
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