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Like a Cocoon, Transitioning
5 Finger Contract
Unit 11- Deep Decimals
I enjoyed multiplying and dividing decimals. These were the concepts I was least confident in, and now I am more confident in my abilities. This was also the most challenging part for me. I do not really have any new understandings, but I am better a (More)
The Earthquake that gained Friendship
The Earthquake That Gained Friendship By: Michael Chen The Willow tree was the grave to Kes, but also the start of Billy Casper's sadness. He didn't talk to Jud Casper (Billy's brother) for weeks. One day, a teacher that teaches English knew abou (More)
Math Reflection
Name Michael Chen Date 04/25/13 Math Unit and Test Reflection: Please take this opportunity to look over your math test and reflect on your progress over this unit. When you write your reflection, take time to think about the questions below as we (More)
Middle School Reflection
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Camping Contract
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In my ExplainEverything presentation on pasteurization I was using the concept of function because I was showing how the process of pasteurization works in steps. The section on how pasteurization came to use after raw milk started to spread epidemic (More)
Transdisciplinary Skills (PYP Attitude)
  Transdisciplinary Skills The skills I have achieved many skills such as thinking skills, communication skills and social skills. I have achieved theses skills by communicating with friends, teachers and parents. I do a lot of planning an (More)
After learning about the micro-organisms I realized how much I didn't know before that topic. I learned a lot about mould and bacteria and how they impact on our lives. I used to think that all mould was bad! Ms. Yakachuk always makes sure that we're (More)
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