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CAS Audio Refelction
TOK essay
“Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished”   This prompt wants students to think about how we establish the importance of application in knowledge, which in another word it means whether or not it is true t (More)
G10 New Year Goal Settings
Grade 10 is the first year for me in the senior school and my second year in Mulgrave, this year will be an important year for my high school life, so I need to set up some goals in order to make sure it will be a great year. Academic For this (More)
CAS Goals (brief brief brief summary)
C- 1- Chamber choir 2- Vocal Jazz   A- 1- Volleyball 2- Swim team S- 1- Peer Advisors 2- Model UN (More)
G12 Goals
Academic I got a predicted score of 40 at the end of last year, and my current goal is to boost this score up to minimum of 42 and maximum of 45, as soon as possible since my main university application deadline is 15th of October. As I was predic (More)
Goals 2015-2016
Academic Goal Get into McGill University - Maintain my grades -Send in application early -Push up my ESS mark by 1 point before February -Must acheive a level 7 on every unit test -Spend extra time studying in this class, keep stron (More)
New Year New beginning(Goal Setting)
Time flies, I am in senior school already, to begin this year with a positive attitude, I would like to set a few goals for myself this year. For my academic goal, I am really unsure how senior school evaluate students different from middle school (More)
Final Reflection
Creativity Senior School Concert Choir - During this year, I explored through different themes and eras of choral music and collaborated with other students to produce the best sound as possible. It was a fascinating experience to attend choral fe (More)
Final CAS Reflection
DP-CAS eFOLIO YEAR-END REFLECTIONS Student Name: Lauren Forster  Grade/ Advisor Group: Diana Ferreira DP G12 YEAR-END CAS eFOLIO REFLECTION 6 Reflection Prompts Notes OUTCOMES: Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most (More)
Visual Presentation
Our winter kitchen In March, my Summit 2 group went to Duffey Lake near Pemberton to ca (More)
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