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Mulgrave Leadership Assembly - having to plan it in 24h
On Tuesday morning, Mrs Douglas asked Liam, Angie, Boyd, Omar and myself to do a special presentation at annual leadership assembly ... for the next day. Within 24 hours, our group of 5 pulled together a \"unique\" way to demonstrate how leaders mode (More)
Prefect System
I am a member of the Grade 12 Prefect system at my school. As leaders of both the senior and junior school, our responsibilities include holding the doors open for both the junior and senior school students in the morning and supervising the lunch li (More)
MPS 2015
Mulgrave Public Square (MPS) is a club at our school that helps promote student voice and propose solutions to the issues raised. The past few years have been very successful for MPS. We have helped in changing the cafeteria food, creating new quiet (More)
CAS Plan Grade 12
My CAS Plan for Grade 12 includes: CREATIVITY: Junior School Arts Club Leader ATHLETICS: Mulgrave Sr. Girls Volleyball Mulgrave Sr. Girls Basketball SERVICE: MPS Global Week (More)
Final Reflection
Throughout grade 11 and 12 I played 3 sports, had 2 arts commitments and 2 service commitments, as well as participating in 3 Duke of Edinburgh levels. I learned many things within my commitments, specifically in the 8 eFolio learning outcomes: 8 (More)
CAS Plan Grades 11 and 12
For the next two years, I plan on fulfilling the following CAS commitments: Creativity: Arts Council Committee Member (Grade 11) Junior School Arts Club Student Leader (Grades 11-12) Athletics: North Shore Girls Soccer Club (Grade 11) (More)
Term 1 Report
Geography - I\'m very satisfied with the mark that was awarded to me, since I got 5 in my test for oceans topic, however, I was able to (More)
Creativity- Oil Painting 2
Just before this project started, I read an article about the slavery in the Sahara which shocked me deeply. In that article, the author talks about how some people were born as slaves in the Sahara society, and are not treated as human. They a (More)
Creativity-Oil painting1
This year, I will continue to do oil painting and create more projects. The first one I did was a self portrait. Although it was a school project, I did everything in my own spare time. I used mixture of medias to present different perspectives of (More)
Tea Club member.
I joined Tea Club in October, 2014. (More)
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