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This Years Travels
This year I've been extremely privileged to get the chance to go on multiple trips. Most notably (and recently) were Eastern Canada and the Dominican Republic. Two completely different trips that I'll remember for a long time, but for different reaso (More)
Reflection #7
I have just finished CAHSMUN and I am very pleased with my improvement of debate and public speaking over the past couple of months. I have only just started MUN, but I thoroughly enjoy it and I will be doing it next year for sure.  The current leade (More)
TOK essay
“Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished”   This prompt wants students to think about how we establish the importance of application in knowledge, which in another word it means whether or not it is true t (More)
Art final exhibition rationale
In my exhibition, I have arranged the display based on two general categories of my pieces: The society and I. My idea is that the society is made of numerous individuals, and every individual has different characteristics that makes up a varied soci (More)
Reflection #5
Term One Reflection
(This post will be based on the Term One Reflection sheet that Ms.G gave us.) Term 1 is almost at the end and I think it's important to go through the highlights of the term! I think that inquirer is the IB profile that suites me best because I (More)
Mock Exams Reflection
The mock exams are done, but that doesn't mean that everything is over because we still have finals to go through. Before getting into the final preparation for finals, I think it is necessary that I review what were the pros and cons of mocks and am (More)
Mock Exams Prep
The mocks are starting soon and I thought that I should go over how I studied and prepared for them. Biology - Bio Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be the start of all exams so I'm quite nervous about this subject, also because I've been aiming for 7 but (More)
Summit 2
This year I\'ve been taking part in an elective called Summit 2, that focuses on the outdoors of BC and all that it has to offer. Recently, just under two months ago, we took a two night trip up to Elfin Lakes. On the first day we hiked uphill for th (More)
Reflection (Commitments)
I\'ve jumped right back into the school year. I\'ve made multiple commitments, which at first I was worried would consume a lot of time but I\'ve decided I work better on a tight schedule because I work more efficiently with set time schedules. After (More)
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