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G10 New Year Goal Settings
Grade 10 is the first year for me in the senior school and my second year in Mulgrave, this year will be an important year for my high school life, so I need to set up some goals in order to make sure it will be a great year. Academic For this (More)
CAS Goals (brief brief brief summary)
C- 1- Chamber choir 2- Vocal Jazz   A- 1- Volleyball 2- Swim team S- 1- Peer Advisors 2- Model UN (More)
Final Reflection
Creativity Senior School Concert Choir - During this year, I explored through different themes and eras of choral music and collaborated with other students to produce the best sound as possible. It was a fascinating experience to attend choral fe (More)
Grade 11 Final Reflection
After abundant after class activities and long  busy learning process, our school year is finally about to finish. This year, I have done several major creativity, actions, and services not only because I was required to but also because I wanted to. (More)
Final CAS Reflection
DP-CAS eFOLIO YEAR-END REFLECTIONS Student Name: Lauren Forster  Grade/ Advisor Group: Diana Ferreira DP G12 YEAR-END CAS eFOLIO REFLECTION 6 Reflection Prompts Notes OUTCOMES: Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most (More)
Garibaldi Lake Trip Report
Remember Garibaldi Lake from September? Normally, in the winter, it freezes over and the ice is buried under several feet of snow. However, due to the stupid warm winter we had, the several feet of snow failed to materialize and Garibaldi Lake is, ef (More)
Visual Presentation
Our winter kitchen In March, my Summit 2 group went to Duffey Lake near Pemberton to ca (More)
Gambier Island Trip Report
A while ago (April 4), the BC Artificial Reef Society sank a ship in the waters of Gambier Island (in Howe Sound). Dad\'s friend Ken owns a boat, and invited Dad, me, and and Ken\'s friend Matt (along with Tundra the dog) to see the ship sinking then (More)
Spring Break 2015
For the last few years, Dad’s been on a quest to visit every national park in the US. Last spring break, he took Pips, Nana, Isla, and I on an epic road trip across the US Southwest from Arizona to Texas and up to Colorado. Because Isla had been a bi (More)
Summit 2 Winter Expedition
I am enrolled in the Summit 2 elective, which ventures into the wilderness on three expeditions throughout the year. Just before spring break, we embarked on our second expedition: snowcaving. Annoyingly warm winter temperatures led to Mrs Mctavis (More)
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