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Academic Goal: French has been my most challenging class and due to the larger demand this year and expectation for more knowledge and seeing that my other classes are going smoothly and are stable I have decided to focus my academic goal on French t (More)
In our French class, we had a test on our previous knowledge. We were tested on the tenses, dr mrs. Vandertrampp, questioning and answering and describing a room. I had some trouble during the test for the present tense the conjugation for re. I los (More)
2014 Summer Break HIghlight
French Exchange (1 month in France and 1 month home with a french student) During summer break, I went to France to live with strangers as part of a french exchange with my student, Candice, whom I\'ve never contacted in a small town that isn\'t r (More)
French Au Champ D\'honnor (grade 6)
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French Reflections (grade 6)
In French I can tell I am improving, I think I am improving because of Mr.Morrows preference of speaking French in class. I am super excited. For the science fair project we are doing. In that project we have to create out own microorganisms and make (More)
Update ~ projects/assignments & co-curriculars
Hello there! I thought I would do a quick update on the projects/assignments and co-curricular activities that I have coming up and that have just ended. The first week back of March we were required to hand in our Performing Arts Turn of the 20th (More)
French Cooking Show-The Process
Just recently, me and my friend Kala finished our french cooking show. It was an enjoyable experience to have. We had a lot of fun filming (especially the bloopers). We made ice cream with a biscuit ontop! Here are some pictures to show how it was (More)
Assignment\'s Reflection
The last week before spring break, we had a very large work load, we had an assignment for every class. For P.E, we had dance unit (swing dance), for Social Studies, we had an Eastern Canada field trip  booklet which was 20 pages and 14 questions abo (More)
French Goal
Even though this goal is not listed in my \"goal\" post. This is still one of my goals. I have very little knowledge about the french language, and just started this year. To be honest it was and still is a bit of struggle. Although I do think I am s (More)
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