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Parent-Teacher conferences reflection
On Thursday, December 4th, my parents and I attended parent-teacher conferences. We visited all of my teachers. For the most part, teachers said that I was paying good attention in class, and that I put lots of effort into what I did. They also said (More)
French Unit Test
On Monday, I had my French unit test. This test covers all the material we have learned since the start of the year. It was somewhat difficult, as there was a huge amount of material to review. As well, there was listening comprehension and short com (More)
Deep Fried Mac n Cheese
deep fried mac and cheese is generally really tasty, but when the school makes it, it tastes awfully bad. especially when its burnt.                       &nbs (More)
William Tell Overture   (More)
French Reading Comprehension Reflection
French Test Reflection (More)
Next week I have my January Midterm exams. I am scared for a couple of my exams this year and feel that I don\'t know my material, but I feel as though with a week or so of studying I will be able to achieve high marks on most of my exams. The one I (More)
Term 1 Reflection
Congratulations to all the people that were nominated in Term 1 Honour Roll, Principal\'s List, and Head of School! Term 1 ended, so report cards came out two weeks later. For me, most of my grades improved, but some of my grades wasn\'t as good as i (More)
Progress Report Reflection
Progress reports went out last Friday. The overall score was actually good. Mostly, my marks are 5s or 6s. I was surprised at the Socials score on criteria D. French marks were good. Science reports was also not what I was really expecting, in a good (More)
France Trip!
During Spring Break, I went on an incredible trip to France. For 3 weeks, we were amerced in French culture, learning the language and becoming familiar with the country of the language which I have been learning for all these years. Six students fro (More)
French Reflection
French 7 - January Test Reflection (Food Unit) 1) On my recent reading comprehension, I scored a 5 out of 8 2) The most difficult section of this test for me was: the C section Why? I think this was hard because the answers were not given right i (More)
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