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Goal Setting
See link below: My Goals 2016-17   (More)
2016 New Year's Resolution
This post might be late, setting a new year's resolution 4 months into the year- but until now, I didn't have any sense what I wanted to achieve in this year. So here it is: This year, I would really like to focus on talking to more people and ste (More)
Blog post #3 - CAS Goals + Plan
Academic reflection, goals concerns, stratagies. ESS Goal - 7. Concern - I started later than everyone else, as I switched into this class last week. Strategies - To review every day in order to catch up and take detailed notes in class. Eng (More)
End of Year Goals - School work
As we are now almost halfway through April, the year is coming to an end. And with summer approaching, I have goals for the rest of the year that I would like to achieve. –– School Work –– 1. My first goal is to work on time management skills. (More)
Goals for the rest of the year
Now that Spring break is over and school has just started again, I have a number of goals I want to set for myself for the remainder of the school year. I have a range of goals from academic, to personal to athletic goals. Some of my academic goals f (More)
I got my drivers license
Recently got my drivers license on the second try. This is a great relief because I have been practicing for a long time and I failed my first time so I was very nervous for this time. Luckily though my examiner was very nice and didn't fault me some (More)
Goals Update
So far in the year, there have been some successes and progressions in my goals, so it is necessary for an update. Short term goals: Yay! In the end of January, I completed my grade 10 piano exam and achieved an 85 mark! Higher than what I was (More)
2015 Fall Camp Goals
My camp goals for this year focuses on getting comfortable with my classmates, as for I am a new student. My goals consist of learning my peers' names and participating/engaging in activities and finding a new partner to kayak with for each day. I lo (More)
G.R.O.W. Goals - 2015/2016
GOAL #1 - Academic Goal: My academic goal for this year is to improve my presentation skills. Reality:  This goal is attainable because practicing my presentation skills in front of peers and teachers will boost my confidence level and ability (More)
New Goals, New Year
After the goal setting conference we finalized the short term and long term goals that I will be focusing on for the duration of this year. This will be reference for keeping on track and reflection later on, and also for personal growth. Short t (More)
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