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Term 1- Reflection
Term 1 as been an exciting introduction into grade 9 and I am  almost exploding with excitement for our Eastern Canada trip coming up in only 3 DAYS. We recently also received our term 1 progress reports...I think a have done alright but not nearly a (More)
Personal Reflection on Senior School Term 1 Report
Most of the marks I received for my Term 1 Report Card was predictable to me. I already was aware of what I would get for french and socials because we got our assessments back and our total could be calculated to further predict our report card mark (More)
My Short/Long Term Goals 2015/2016
MY SHORT TERM GOALS ARE: To improve my time for swimming 50m~100m all strokes by the end of the term so that it shows that I have improved on strengthening myself and swimming skills. I will know when I have achieved this goal when I compare my t (More)
Term 1 - Short Term Goals
Term 1 was fairly successful as I completed all of my short term goals for this term. Goal: Level 6 in Language B on Term 1 Report Card --- Result: Level 7 on Term 1 Report Card Goal: 1 sleepover with a friend --- Result: 1 sleepover with two f (More)
GROW Goals
Academic Goal - to maintain Principal's List for both semesters. Reality - maintained last year (G7), so I am capable of it Options - timeline: long term               roadblocks: not enough time to focus on homework, assignments, and gr (More)
Term 1 - Short term goals
Term 1 I achieved all my short term goals: Goal: to pass Intermediate Foundation exam with Merit/Distinction --- Result: Merit (only 1-2 points off of Distinction) Goal: receive 6 in Design on Report Card --- Result: Level 7 on Report Card I (More)
New Term 2 Goals
Receive Level 7 on Report card in Visual Art (did last year, so I am able to) Pass Intermediate exam with Merit/Distinction (got Merit for Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate is like a continuation of InterFound) Pass Grade 6 ballet exam wit (More)
CAS- Plan
Just realized I never actually uploaded my CAS plan from earlier on in the year! Either way, much of the things that are listed there are things that I have already posted on, or have talked about from past years. Nevertheless, here is an organized d (More)
Mid-Year Reflection
So far the year has flown by, and we recently just finished off our mock exams which were very tough. As I have gotten my marks back though it turns out I have done incredibly well, and I think I will meet all of my goals by the end of the year as I (More)
GOALS 2015-2016
These are my goals for the 2015-2016 school year, For my academic goal I want to maintain my spot on the honor roll. This goal will take some time but is attainable. I will have to balance my co curricular activities with my schoolwork. I will I w (More)
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