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Design-Pencil Case
In design we created and experienced the process of designing a pencil case. We had four steps of the process, 1st-Inquiring and Analyzing, 2nd-Success Criteria and Sketches, 3rd-Step by Step Plan and Finished Product, 4th-Reflection. The process eas (More)
Overall, the whole exhibition process was enjoyable and challenging at the same time. First of all, my group members were all very helpful when I needed help. They also gave me tips when presenting and when researching, as in what exactly research; b (More)
Grade 6 Camp, Overall: This year, we had a different type of Outdoor Education. This year, we visited Loon Lake; we stayed at the camp site and participated in many different activities: archery, orienteering, low ropes, high ropes, rock climbing. (More)
Camp Photos
This is the nature art that Clara, Christie and I created. (Above) Excited an (More)
Math Reflection
In the math Chapters 9,11, and 12, I learned many new concepts and renewed old ones. In Chapter 9, we learned about converting, representing, constructing, currency, number lines, ordering, and rounding decimals. To be honest, I found decimals very c (More)
Wizard of Oz Reflection
One of the projects that we did was an English assignment related to our UOI: Wizard of Oz paragraphs. In this project, the objective was to answer two questions using quotes and examples from the book; examples in real life; and reasons of your own. (More)
Multiple Intelligences
I enjoyed this project very much and I gained many new understanding and knowledge durning this project. (More)
Term 2 Math Reflection
Term 2 Math Reflection In the math chapters 9, 11 and 12 I learned all about decimals, operations with decimals and measurement. In the decimals unit I had a detaile (More)
Pacific Blue Colour Collage
Pacific Blue                                 By Nikki Ebrahimi This study of blue illustrates me because it is relaxing and filled with energy at the same time. So (More)
Wizard if Oz Paragraphs
If you had to choose between a brain and a heart, which would you choose and why? In my opinion it is better if a person has a heart. If you have a heart then your would be able to express emotions. To me the question about either a heart or brain (More)
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