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Term 1 - Short Term Goals
Term 1 was fairly successful as I completed all of my short term goals for this term. Goal: Level 6 in Language B on Term 1 Report Card --- Result: Level 7 on Term 1 Report Card Goal: 1 sleepover with a friend --- Result: 1 sleepover with two f (More)
Science 7
I love science... it is one of my favourite subjects. I love to learn new things, and science is a new subject that differs to Junior School. Everything we learn pieces together like a large jigsaw puzzle, with so many pieces that you can't finish th (More)
Science Fair
The Grade 7's recently finished the annual Science Fair, and I am going to tell you more about this remarkable experience. My experiment was to investigate whether font choice affects a person's ability to read aloud written material. My experiment f (More)
Unit 4 Earth Science Part 2 - Test
For Science, in the Unit 4 Part 2 test, I got a lower mark than on my previous test (Earth Science Part 1), when I got a high mark! To prepare for this test, I used every study tool possible. That includes the Study Quizzes; the review package; the l (More)
Unit 5 In-Class Essay
Unit 5 in Science has definitely been my forte and favourite. For the In-Class Essay, I chose the fourth option, depicting whether reforestation replaces and restocks deforestation. My thoughts were that reforestation cannot replace and restock defor (More)
Camp Goals (& Achievements)
This year is grade 7. The first year of Middle School, the first year at MS Camp. This year, I plan to achieve all my goals. Camp is coming up, I think I'll be more successful achieving my goals there. Camp is a place where you are informed about the (More)
Unit 1 Chemistry - Test Reflection
How did I prepare for the test? For the unit 1 test, I used a few different strategies. First, I used the textbook. As a visual learner, did some questions and then I copied down some key information. To enhance my knowledge even more, I put my head (More)
Term 1 - Academic Reflection
A couple weeks ago I got my Progress Report 2, which I was very happy with. I made it to Principal's List and received all E's! I was surprised that I got on Principle's List because I was told by my adviser of a higher score (total points), than I t (More)
Term 1 - Design
As I am a Middle School freshman, I am new to many subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Performing Arts, Design, and Life & Learning. This first term, my section (7-01) participated in Design, formally known as DT. The other sections (7-02/7 (More)
FSA Completion 2015
On February 11, 12, 13 and February 16, 17, 18 the G7s did the Seventh Grade Foundation Skills Assessment, like in Grade 4. I did both, because I came to Mulgrave in Grade 2. This year we did Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension; Paragraph Reading C (More)
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