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CAS - Final Report
 Here is my Final Report for CAS MY-CAS Activity Major / minor Category Local / School Supervisor Name Middle School Concert Choir Major Creativity School N. By Middle School Concert Band Major Creativity School C. Van d (More)
Science Test Reflection 1# G.7
In my Science test I have many things to share. First of all, in my science test I did well on understanding gas molecules, solid molecules, and liquid molecules. However I need to work on my understanding of memorizing emulsions and solutions. Next (More)
My Goals for Grade 7
Goals for Grade 7 I have plenty of goals that I would like to accomplish during grade 7. I have chosen one long-term goal and two short-term goals for my academic goals; and one long-term goal and two short-term goals, for my social goals. My f (More)
D.P.A. G.7
25 Nov 2013 Activity           Time               Day                                                                                         Fencing           210 minuets Friday Squash           40 minuets    Wednesday Badminton     1 (More)
Science Fair Reflection 2# G.7
During the science fair I have learned several facts, about my topic and how to present well, to people and judges. My science fair\'s title is Stink Busters. The purpose of my experiment is to find which house hold item can eliminate the most amount (More)
Elective Reflections G.7
During term 1 elective classes I learned numerous things that I could\'t learn a couple years ago. But now that I can access these classes, I can study things that I am interested in, and curious on learning about. My first elective is called \'Life (More)
Term 1 Reflection G.7
During term 1 I have learned plenty of information  from all the subjects. My greatest achievement would be english because I think I am most successful in english and I have learned the most out of english. A strategy that I used to complete difficu (More)
Spring Break Reflection G.7
This spring break I\'ve done exciting and vigorous activities. During this spring break I\'ve been to many different places, like Taiwan and China. When I arrived to Taiwan I visited my Grandma. I stayed in Taiwan for one day before leaving to China. (More)
D.P.A. #3 G.7
Activity           Time               Day                                                                                         Fencing           150 minutes Friday Badminton     175 minutes  Monday ~ Sunday Overall            About (More)
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