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ENFJ Protagonist
I got the ENFJ-T Protagonist personality, and each letter is an abbreviation for a part of the personality. E stands for extrovert (I got 54%), N stands for intuitive (I got 56%), F stands for feeling (64%), J stands for judging (66%), and T stands f (More)
Adventures in Cyprus
Over the Mulgrave May break this year, I had the pleasure of visiting the tremendous country of Cyprus. I have never really travelled much. Of course I am lucky to have gone to the United States, Turkey and of course Iran but, this trip was different (More)
This school year has been filled with many challenges but one thing that went smoothly was my creativity commitments. I am a person with many different interests but most of them are creative interests. This year I spent my time creatively working on (More)
Although it was been a very hectic year, I have always found time to say physically active. This year I have committed to a variety of physical activities, such as: Major: Grade 8 Titans Volleyball Team (in-school) Major: Volleyball Skills (out (More)
The Tragedy of the Career Fair
About 2 weeks ago, the grade 8 and 9 students had the chance to attend the career fair. "Career Fair". Even the name sounds scary. It is crazy to think that grade 8 students should be thinking about their future so early in their lives. I'm only thir (More)
Whistler Cantando Music Festival 2016
On April 28 the middle school musical groups drove up to Whistler for a music festival. Four days of performances and clinics went pret (More)
Inside My Head
Recently we have watch Inside Out during Life and Learning and I have found it to be a very interesting film. Although it is a cartoon made for children it has a much stronger meaning that is about how your memories are what create your personality. (More)
CAS - Dance
On March 16 I did my Grade 6 ballet exam. This exam was different because I did it at the studio not at Tri-City Dance Centre. There was no pianist, only the music on the iPad, played by a fellow classmate. It went fairly well, but I think my Interme (More)
Random Rhyme <- alliteration right there
At the moment, our unit in English is poetry, so I tried to make a rhyme for my name: here is your regale-y daily report on Kayley who doesn't frail-ly palely play the ukukele (More)
CAS - Plan 2015/16
Creativity Major: Concert Choir Major: Concert Band Activity Major: dance (ballet, lyrical, jazz, contemporary) Minor: skiing (seasonal sport for me) Service Major: MSAC Major: Athletics Council Major: student teaching Prim (More)
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