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This year's Anti-Bullying/Pink Day theme was kindness. There were toques being sold for $8 to donate to a foundation. There was a kindness challenge where you took a name out of a hat and you had to do a 'random act of kindness' to that person. There (More)
Inside Out - Character Analysis
Mood meter Inside Out characters Joy: yellow box ~ Joy is always full of energy and is not seen to be calm, so most of the time she (More)
CAS - Skiing
   On winter/Christmas b (More)
Today at school we are supporting Pink Day. Pink Day is a day in which we celebrate the importance of kindness and we stand up to bullying. We all wore pink and we all donated a minimum of $2.00 to help support charities that are helping people that (More)
CAS - Dance
On Friday, February 19 I did my Intermediate examination, the level above Intermediate Foundation (I did that exam in November!). At first I thought that I would not get the opportunity to do my Intermediate, but my teacher let me, and she said that (More)
Report Card Term 1 Reflection
Overall, I am very proud of my report card this term. I was shocked to see that I made it to principals list because I did not expect anything higher than honour roll.  I was very happy with my math grade. Math is not my strongest subject and to rece (More)
Term 1 Reflection
A few days ago, term 1 ended and I feel that I have had a good start on the year. I believe that my best subjects this term were science, french and math. My goal for the next term is to improve all of my marks, if I can and to also improve my ATL sk (More)
Today me and nine other grade 8 students arrived at Mulgrave at 5:30AM to catch the 7AM Tsawwassen ferry to Victoria for SMUS' Leadership Conference. The conference concentrated on initiative, self growth, and teamwork. We participated in workshop (More)
CAS - Athletics Council
This year I got into Athletics Council, which coordinates any Middle (and sometimes Senior) School athletics events. So far, we meet every other Friday. We have made posters and hosted many games and tournaments. For example, I made a few posters for (More)
CAS - Concert band
Continuing my learning from last year, I'm in band, where I can improve my knowledge in how to play the clarinet, but also my overall knowledge in music. We have only performed at Fall Fusion and the winter concert, Glow, so far, but I think we will (More)
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