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Mold Presentation
I did a mold presentation where I put different kinds of liquid for example the milk, vinegar.... Etc. onto a piece of bread, then, leave it there until it molds, and I get to observe them and take pictures everyday. then I write the conclusions and (More)
iPad Workflows
Explain How the Microscopic World Works 1 (More)
How the Microscopic World Works-iPad Workflow
The following YouTube clips are created using an app called Explain Everything. Once students had finalized their research on a given topic related to our unit in How t (More)
Mould Experiments At Mulgrave!
Presenting our Independent Mold Experiments - The Scientific Process in Action!
HTWW-Summative Assessment Reflection
I thought that the summative assessment for this unit was really interesting. Although it was very challenging to create one complex sentence per key concept, I thought it was an effective way of presenting an understanding. (More)
Dr. Mold Reflection
After Dr. Punja came to talk to us about mold, the grade six students wrote a reflection. Dr. Punja showed us many images of mold. I related all the information to our lines of inquiry and our central idea. I was suprized by the fact that mold can gr (More)
Bread Mold Experiment
Each grade six class had ten pieces of bread in their classrooms. Our variable was which bread grows mold faster, bakery bread or Wonder Bread? We poured coffe, toched, breathed on, and rubbed the pieces of bread on the Public Washroom floor. There w (More)
Elephantiasis Research
The Elephantiasis Research that I did was on the history, livings impacted, risk factors and the scientific name. I learned th (More)
Six Kingdoms Work Package
Six Kingdoms are the slots that show cells of different living things in the world. I learned that these cells ar (More)
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