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Egg Mold Experiment
My Egg Mold Experiment is a creation to see if a hard boiled, scrambled or yolk egg grow mold the fastest. I learned that the scra (More)
Mold Presentation!
Over the coarse of winter break, we were asigned the challenge to grow our own mold!!!I grew the mold on used, ground coffee beans. I enjoyed this experiment because it was interesting to see how the mold grew. Please follow this link to view my Powe (More)
Bread Mold Experiment!
In class we grew mld on both Wonerbread and Bakery Bread to observe the growth, colour and type of the mold. This experiment was very interesting tosee the different types of mold that grew on the differet types of bread! Here is a file documenting o (More)
Prezi Disease
My disease prezi was about the contagious disease Small Pox.  The making of the project itself it was a great deal of fun because not only do I get to put my info in cool spot but learning about small pox was really intense.  I did not put a picture (More)
Molding Pear Presentation
Molding Pear presentation 1 The powerpoint above is on a project I did to do with what products make a pear grow more (More)
Six Kingdoms
Six Kingdoms Student Work Package. This work package taught us about the six kingdoms and their history. We had to a (More)
Pertussis/Whooping Cough Project
I chose my pertussis project because I used to have a minor case of it when I was younger. I have a strength in taking notes and researching. So, I had a lot of important facts. One of the transdispliary skills that was included was research skills. (More)
The Six Kingdoms
Earlier in the year we learned about bacteria and the six kingdoms. The Six Kingdoms are very important to use because it puts  animals into the groups that they are related to. After we learned what the six kingdoms were we were asked to complete a (More)
Strep Throat Presentation
I really enjoyed our unit How The World Works. I had a lot of technological aspects to it but we also did a lot of hands-on projects. I made my first Prezi in that unit about strep throat. We had to choose a disease and write about it. Please go to t (More)
Independent Mold Experiment
For our unit on mold and disease, we were asked to do one of the experiments at our house. We chose a base, mine was milk, and we would put in additives to see which one created the most mold. In the end all of the bottles of ilk contained a lot of m (More)
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