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Downtown Vancouver Architectural Field Trip - lead by 6Y Tour Guides
6Y's Architecture Presentations and Inspirational Masterpieces!
Tour Guide Assignment Reflection
Today the Grade 6's had a fantastic field trip to downtown Vancouver where groups were responsible to present information on seven different iconic Vancouver buildings. It was a beautiful day and plenty of knowledge was shared. All groups did a good (More)
Design a house contest
The Challenge: Design a house that will be presented to Bass, our architect/designer. She will choose the house of her choice based on the information presented. The winner of the contest will have their house built (in model form) to spec.  The foll (More)
Vancouver Architecture Tour Guide Assignment
Attached is the explanation and information sheet for the Vancouver Architecture Tour Guide Assignment. Vancouver Architecture T (More)
Fantastic Flipbooks
Yesterday 6RJ completed their Fantastic Mathematical Flipbooks...and they truly were fantastic. The flipbooks represented different mathematical concepts that relate to art and architecture. Students included beautiful use of color, creative ways to (More)
Pictures from Flipbook mania
This week has been filled with activity surrounding the creation of the Mathematical Flipbooks. The students in 6RJ have been very busy researching and note-taking information on mathematical concepts that connect with art and architecture. It has be (More)
My Mathematical Flip Book
My Mathematical Flip Book shows the relationships between mathematics and architecture in many ways. On my seven pages, these concepts are portrayed: 3-D Shapes, 2-D Shapes, Architecture Facts, Architecture Pictures, Phi/Golden Rectangle, Symmetry an (More)
  This is my model of Frank Lloyd Wright (More)
Architecture Presentation
        This is a presentation about architecture which is a favourite subject of mine. I am very passionate about archictecture and this is a project from my passions. I am proud of this because: a) I did well, b) it (More)
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