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Architectural Masterpeice!
In class we created interpretations of a chosen artist. The artist I chose was La Corbusier. His buildings and houses are extremely simple and modern. I enjoyed this because I like using my imagination and I enjoy art. I created an interpretation one (More)
Elements of Art PowerPoint!
In class we created a PowerPoint to share our knowledge about the elements of art! There are many elements such as shape and volume. Me and my partener Alyssa, chose to make the PowerPoint about texture and shape. I learned a lot about all the differ (More)
Masterpiece projects
I did this project about Adolf Loos, he is a archetect. My masterpiece project is based on adolf Loos style which are: unique, creative, m (More)
Architecture Masterpiece
In the unit of How We Express Ourselves, we chose an architect and designed our own architecture (any kind of architecture) model in their style. I am interested in designing architecture, and my grandfather was an architect and my mom was a clothing (More)
Masterpiece Summative Reflection-How we express ourselves
I chose this reflection because I feel that the quality of your reflection represents what you actually know about your project. Since I got  2 5's and 2 6's it showed me that I really put a lot of effort into this project. It also showed me that I h (More)
Elements and principles of designs photo
This is the photo of movement for the elements and principles of design. I thought that it showed movement because of how the domino falls of the diving board. I also thought it was a well done picture made by my partner and I because of the bright c (More)
Sir Norman Foster
  Earlier in the year we were asked to create a structure with the style and concepts of which famous architects use. This masterpiece is my interpretation of the famous architect Sir Norman Foster. I chose this piece because it really ga (More)
How We Express Ourselves: Mathematical Flip Book
I liked doing this project because it was a piece of mathematical art that moved. I also liked how you got to have a little bit of leeway with the choice of what you put into the book. It was a combination of math and art and it worked to create some (More)
How We Express Ourselves: Elements of Art Presentation
This is a project that I did with Carsen Teasdale. For our elements of art we did Emphasis. This was an art projects and for it we did a lone sun in the middle of a black background. The sun attracted the eye to it and it was orange and yellow. This (More)
The Elements and Principles of Art:
This powerpoint was our Formative Assesment for the unit "How We Express Ourselves" which focused around architecture. I did this project with my friend Una,who which I combined my presentation with. We each had a element/principle of art to study (More)
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