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2016 Grade 10 Winter Camp
About a week ago, our grade went to a winter camp to Manning Park where we spent three days out in the world of snow. The grade was split into two camps and I was on the second one. On the first day of the camp, our plan changed. It was planned that (More)
Reflection #5
January Reflection-VMUN
I seem to have overestimated myself for my choice in selecting my delegation group/topic for VMUN. My goal was to be placed in the same group as Fanny or Dina, but instead I was chosen to be by myself. I was put into a Crisis Committee with the topic (More)
Night of the Notables
It has been a month or two since this happened, but the effects of that night still remain. In November, the grade 8s all chose a significant character from history, studied them and became them for one night. This process was both memorable and help (More)
MIDDLE SCHOOL THEATRE TRIP: STUDENT REFLECTION by Harry C, G9 On Wednesday, November 9th the Middle School stormed Granville Island to watch the play It's a Wonderful Life, performed by the Arts Club Theatre. This holiday classic was adapted from (More)
Duke of Edinburgh
This year, I'm attempting the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. This award is given to students in Canada aged 14-25. There are four components to this award: service, skill, sport, and an adventurous journey. For the skill section, a skill (such as (More)
Grade 10 Summer Camp
This year for Grade 10 camp we went up River Inlet and although it was a little rough around the edges it was probably the best and most comfortable trip yet. It was a very long trip and due to the weather we were unable to cross from Vancouver Islan (More)
Egyptian greatest achievement
In individuals in societies we have been researching ancient Egypt. As a final assessment we are looking at the greatest cultural achievement of ancient Egypt. I looked at architecture. I think I did pretty well on this project. I got 7s in all four (More)
Sumerian architecture presentation reflection
Our Sumerian architecture project was a group project and I was lucky to have been in a group with two phenomenon partners, Monray and Victoria. They were good friends of mine, so cooperation was extremely easy for us. There were seven subjects to ch (More)
Letter to the Editor
January 1st, 1751 Dear editor of the Babylonian Times, As a merchant with a daughter nearly old enough for marriage, I think that law number 128, \"If a man take a woman to wife, but have no intercourse with her, this woman is no wife to him\" is (More)
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